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16/04/2013 ...

December 3rd 2012

02/09/2012. ...

Jacques, from ...

The Spanish ...

Group class in El ...

A typical Somiedo ...

Jimena with Tony, ...

The coast

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Photo album of El Cuélebre (Somiedo (Asturias)/Spain)

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Somiedo (Asturias)


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16/04/2013 Marietta, from Switzerland.

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December 3rd 2012

02/09/2012. Patricia, from Ireland. In Pedorveya, a typical Asturian village, with its beautiful hórreos.

Jacques, from France (20/04/2009)

With us you will always get personal attention.

The Spanish language school El Cuélebre (3/05/2009)

Group class in El Cuélebre with Birgitta and Patrick (7/07/2010)

Our classroom can have the best of views!

A typical Somiedo landscape.

This lovely landscape is just two minutes away from our home-school: a real privilege!

Jimena with Tony, from the Uk.

That year we got lots of snow.

The coast

If our students feel like it, we can get to the coast of Asturias, which isn't far away, and it is beautiful and unspoilt.

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