Sosúa/Dominican Republic: Spanish students
Countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Learn Spanish in Madrid (Spain)

Sosúa/Dominican Republic: Spanish students
Countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Learn Spanish in Madrid (Spain)
Learn Spanish in Madrid: data sheet of the Spanish school Inhispania, how it is, what is offered.


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So is the Spanish language school Inhispania (Madrid/Spain), that's what it counts with and what it offers:

Common Spanish classes

Spanish course in group (5 - 10 students)Spanish course in group (5 - 10 students)

Spanish private lessons (1:1)Spanish private lessons (1:1)

Combined courses (group course + individual lessons)Combined courses (group course + individual lessons)


Special types of courses


Subject-specific courses

Subject area: technology and engineeringSubject area: technology and engineering

Preparation courses for DELE examsPreparation courses for DELE exams

Spanish for laywers and juridic professionsSpanish for laywers and juridic professions

subject area medicine and nursingSubject area medicine and nursing

Subject area gastronomySubject area gastronomy

course commercial SpanishCourse commercial Spanish


Teaching material


School management, staff & teachers


Course levels

without any Spanish skills: Spanish for absolute beginnersWithout any Spanish skills: Spanish for absolute beginners

students with basic Spanish skillsStudents with basic Spanish skills

students with intermediate level of SpanishStudents with intermediate level of Spanish

students with advanced knowledge of SpanishStudents with advanced knowledge of Spanish


Services and facilities






Community and linguistic activities


Workshops/special activities

workshop musicWorkshop music

Workshop arts & crafts/ceramicsWorkshop arts & crafts/ceramics

Workshop painting and drawingWorkshop painting and drawing

Workshop dramaturgy and theaterWorkshop dramaturgy and theater


Sports and leisure activities

Horse back ridingHorse back riding

winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating)Winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating)

diving, snorkellingDiving, snorkelling





offroad bike tours (Enduro)Offroad bike tours (Enduro)

Offroad car tours (4x4)Offroad car tours (4x4)





tours by bicycleTours by bicycle


swimming, beach activitiesSwimming, beach activities


Trips and excursions

trips to natural attractionsTrips to natural attractions


Volunteering and work



in the city centre of MadridIn the city centre of Madrid


Neighborhood and its resources


City and near surroundings


Marketing and customer service


Subsidiaries, partner schools


Accreditations and registrations

Courses recognized in Germany as BILDUNGSURLAUBCourses recognized in Germany as BILDUNGSURLAUB

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