Sosúa/Dominican Republic: Language school
Countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Learn Spanish in Pucón (Chile)

Sosúa/Dominican Republic: Language school
Countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Learn Spanish in Pucón (Chile)
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'INTERCHANGE LANGUAGES' is an integrated program of the Tourism Institute of the La Frontera University in the La Araucanía region of Chile. The program focuses, firstly on teaching Spanish to the foreigners through conventional classes coupled with adventure, volunteering and cultural experiences, and, secondly, teaching foreign languages to the locals.

Instituto EuroChileno de Turismo (ITUR)

Instituto EuroChileno de Turismo (ITUR) was founded in the year 2000 as an integral answer to the modern challenge that confronts the growth of one of the areas with great industrial projection internationally and nationally, Tourism. A strategic alliance was formed between La Universidad de La Frontera y La Fundacion Empresarial Comunidad Europea-Chile which EuroChile makes ITUR an organism widely supported institutionally and professionally. ITUR is defined as a University level institution with programs in technical formation, hands-on training, and project development and consulting.

Spanish ONLY

The Spanish lessons are focused on (i) expression and communication through hands-on activities for everyday interaction or (ii) preparation for the Spanish language aptitude tests (DELE, CELU etc.). Our Spanish teachers are experienced Spanish as a Second Language Program instructors which permits them to identify reoccurring difficulties for international students throughout the learning process, engaging in real life dialogues, role-plays and communication skills emphasizing in intonations and accents for better pronunciation. All classes and outdoor activities are taught in Spanish.

Adventure tourism and outdoor activities

The outdoor activities concentrate in the basic understanding and techniques of each activity, enabling every student to practice these sports safely and responsibly. The activities consist in Kayaking, Fly Fishing, Mountaineering, Rock-climbing and Hiking, and are organized in the form of small courses (4-6 and 6-8 hours) at the end of which the student receives a respective certificate. Each activity is monitored by a professional instructor in his/her discipline with a history of experience in academic settings, guiding students through this overwhelming experience of safe adventure.



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