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The language school El Cuélebre offers ...

common Spanish classes
Spanish course in mini-group (2 - 4 students)

Spanish private lessons (1:1)

Combined courses (group course + individual lessons)

special types of courses
Spanish courses for groups of adolescents (high school/college)

Spanish courses at home/in the company

Spanish courses for seniors

Spanish courses for closed groups - for example: clubs, companies, etc.

subject-specific courses
Preparation courses for DELE exams

Spanish for laywers and juridic professions

subject area medicine and nursing

subject area tourism, transport and travelling

Subject area gastronomy

course commercial Spanish

teaching material
El Cuélebre doesn't provide any information regarding to teaching material.
school management, staff & teachers
El Cuélebre is a purely national enterprise of Spain

Office: English spoken

all teachers of El Cuélebre are Spanish native speakers

ALL teachers have had a special training in teaching Spanish to foreigners

course levels
without any Spanish skills: Spanish for absolute beginners

students with basic Spanish skills

students with intermediate level of Spanish

students with advanced knowledge of Spanish

services and facilities
emergency phone 24h reachable

airconditioned classrooms

classrooms with heating

Homestay with native family of Somiedo (Asturias)

School‘s residence

community and linguistic activities
go together to concerts

go together to see theatre performances

workshops/special activities
El Cuélebre doesn't provide any information regarding to workshops/special activities.
sports and leisure activities
Horse back riding

winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating)

diving, snorkelling



for free


tours by bicycle


swimming, beach activities
for free

trips and excursions
excursions to handicraft production places
for free

trips to natural attractions
for free

visit of historic attractions in Somiedo (Asturias)
for free

excursions to places of historical interest outside of Somiedo (Asturias)
for free

excursions and trips to other cities

volunteering and work
El Cuélebre doesn't provide any information regarding to volunteering and work.
in the city centre of Somiedo (Asturias)

in the mountains


neighborhood and its resources
park or recreation area


ATM/bank cashiers


cafes and bars

city and near surroundings
mountains near Somiedo (Asturias)

Beach of Somiedo (Asturias)

historic buildings and monuments of the Roman, Greek or medieval period

buildings of important contemporary architecture

important museums of Somiedo (Asturias)

marketing and customer service
responding/answering to customer inquiries within 48 hours

comprehensive and informative website with detailed and actual information

subsidiaries, partner schools
El Cuélebre is an independent language school

accreditations and registrations
El Cuélebre doesn't provide any information regarding to accreditations and registrations.

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El Cuélebre offers and prices

Inscription fee, teaching material

Inscription fee



Teaching material and text books


Courses in groups

For two people max. Price per person.

All included: course, accommodation, food, activities (excrusions with expert guides, Spanish cooking, etc). Personalized attention. Very exclusive course.

1 week
700,00 €
~ 772,59 US-$
2 weeks
1.332,00 €
~ 1.470,13 US-$
3 weeks
1.938,00 €
~ 2.138,97 US-$
4 weeks
2.508,00 €
~ 2.768,08 US-$

Private lessons

Private teaching 1:1

All included: course, accommodation, food, activities (excrusions with expert guides, Spanish cooking, etc). Personalized attention. Very exclusive course.

1 week
950,00 €
~ 1.048,52 US-$
2 weeks
1.900,00 €
~ 2.097,03 US-$
3 weeks
2.850,00 €
~ 3.145,55 US-$
4 weeks
3.800,00 €
~ 4.194,06 US-$

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More than only learn Spanish: Live and dream the Spanish way of life.

Exclusive and personalized full immersion Spanish courses:
El Cuélebre is our home and is also your home.
But it is much more than that, it is a place to relax and breathe the purest air of Spain, to enjoy and to learn, to communicate in Spanish and to get to know the culture of the most real and authentic Spain. Our courses are designed for a maximum of two people. This means that no-one will ever interrupt you while you are speaking, and that you won’t just speak whenever and as much as you want, but in many occasions you will have no alternative but to do so!

Live with your teachers ...

Live with your teachers and get a complete and total linguistic and cultural immersion in Asturias, the most natural and real Spain.
Exclusive and personalized courses for maximum two people.

Our student‘s opinion. Mary, from Ireland.

It was a wonderful week.
I have learnt a lot about the language, the culture, the customs, and the food. I would definitely recommend this course.
You get completely immersed in the culture of the place.

Our student‘s opinion: Jean Philippe, from France.

'Great! Just great!
Alfredo and Jimena are really nice people. We have even become quite close friends!
They are good teachers, I learnt a lot.
Asturias is an amazing place, beautiful and full of character.'

Are you a Spanish teacher?

Here the directory for Spanish private classes is growing ...

If you want to participate, don't hesitate to contact us.


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