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The language school Atahualpa offers ...

common Spanish classes
Spanish course in group (5 - 10 students)

Spanish private lessons (1:1)

special types of courses
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to special types of courses.
subject-specific courses
Preparation courses for DELE exams

subject area medicine and nursing

Subject area gastronomy

course commercial Spanish

teaching material
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to teaching material.
school management, staff & teachers
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to school management, staff & teachers.
course levels
without any Spanish skills: Spanish for absolute beginners

students with basic Spanish skills

students with intermediate level of Spanish

students with advanced knowledge of Spanish

services and facilities

rent a bycicle

facilities and access for handicaped persons

Internet access via computers of the school

Studio apartment (not shared)



community and linguistic activities
Fiestas (welcome party, farewell party ...)

go together to concerts

go together to see theatre performances

workshops/special activities
Workshop dancing (Salsa, Flamenco etc.)

workshop music

Workshop arts & crafts/ceramics

sports and leisure activities
Horse back riding

diving, snorkelling







swimming, beach activities

trips and excursions
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to trips and excursions.
volunteering and work
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to volunteering and work.
in a residential area outside the center of Quito

neighborhood and its resources
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to neighborhood and its resources.
city and near surroundings
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to city and near surroundings.
marketing and customer service
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to marketing and customer service.
subsidiaries, partner schools
Atahualpa doesn't provide any information regarding to subsidiaries, partner schools.
accreditations and registrations
National Turism Ministry/Secretary of Ecuador


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Atahualpa offers and prices

Inscription fee, teaching material

Inscription fee, Teaching material and text books.



Courses in groups

Group courses

It is possible, only when losl students have the same level.

1 lesson
4,00 US-$

Inscription fee

Private lessons

DELE Preparation Course - one to one private lessons

Time - Class of sixty minutes

1 lesson
6,75 US-$


Living with family + single room + full board

Includes a single room, three meals per day, laundry and lots of Spanish practice.

1 day
17,00 US-$

Activities and trips

Travel, Learn, Enjoy and Live Ecuador

You can arrange travel to your choice.


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OUR SCHOOL, Atahualpa Spanish School

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Latin America to learn Spanish. It is a located on the Eastcoast of Latin America.
Our language school Atahualpa in Quito, Ecuadors capital, quickly integrates our students in the typical Ecuadorian life as we are not only teaching them in the classroom but also on journeys through Ecuador as well as during their work in charity projects for children and in public hospitals.


The organizations are always looking for volunteers.
Volunteer work in these projects not only promotes your communication skills in Spanish, but you'll be activly helping the development of our country.

OUR SCHOOL, Atahualpa Spanish School

We want you to spend good time with us and to learn much Spanish.
Our team is qualified and highly experienced, working especially in one- on- one class.
All this and more allows our students to make excellent progress in the shortest time!


The teaching does not only take place in the school, we also visit the most beautiful places in Ecuador with you. You can travel individually or in a small group of students with a teacher. Visiting the coast, the jungle or the mountains.
Discover Ecuador and learn Spanish! You classes will be in the morning, giving you the afternoon and evening to enjoy your free time.
Each region offers different recreational activities swimming, walking, exciting canoe trips, hiking and lots of Spanish conversation!!!

Preparation for A1 - A2, B1 - B2, C1 - C2.

Our Spanishclasses prepare you for the language test certificado de suficiencia al idioma español which is offered in different levels according to your ability (A1 to C2).
Our classes conform with the official university norms.


All our students receive a certificate of our school indicating the number of classes taken and the studied material.
Students who take more than 120 hours of classes in our school receive an official Certificate from the Ecuadorian Minister for Education and Culture.

Are you a Spanish teacher?

Here the directory for Spanish private classes is growing ...

If you want to participate, don't hesitate to contact us.


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