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Buenos Aires/Argentina

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Buenos Aires


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The language school Amauta BsAs offers ...

common Spanish classes
Spanish course in group (5 - 10 students)

Spanish course in mini-group (2 - 4 students)

Spanish private lessons (1:1)

Combined courses (group course + individual lessons)

online lessons (Skype, Messenger etc.)

special types of courses
Spanish courses for groups of adolescents (high school/college)

Spanish courses at home/in the company

Spanish courses for seniors

Spanish courses for closed groups - for example: clubs, companies, etc.

subject-specific courses
Preparation courses for DELE exams

courses for Spanish teachers

subject area medicine and nursing

subject area tourism, transport and travelling

course commercial Spanish

teaching material
photocopies as auxiliary material
for free

textbook, edited and assembled by the school Amauta BsAs itself

the ‘textbook‘ are photocopies
for free

interactive software and educational programs / CDs

audio/video language laboratory
for free

school management, staff & teachers
Amauta BsAs is a purely national enterprise of Argentina

Office: English spoken

all teachers of Amauta BsAs are Spanish native speakers

ALL teachers have had a special training in teaching Spanish to foreigners

course levels
without any Spanish skills: Spanish for absolute beginners

students with basic Spanish skills

students with intermediate level of Spanish

students with advanced knowledge of Spanish

services and facilities
emergency phone 24h reachable


rent a bycicle

classrooms with heating

credit card payment

Shuttle Service: airport, railroad station or bus-terminal


Internet access via computers of the school

shared apartment

Studio apartment (not shared)

Homestay with native family of Buenos Aires


community and linguistic activities
organized meetings for language exchange
for free

culinary tours, ‘tapas safari‘ etc.
for free

Fiestas (welcome party, farewell party ...)
for free

movies and documentaries
for free

visit togehter soccer/big games

go together to concerts

go together to see theatre performances

workshops/special activities
Workshop dancing (Salsa, Flamenco etc.)
for free

cooking classes (typical dishes)
for free

workshop music
for free

Workshop arts & crafts/ceramics

Workshop painting and drawing

Workshop dramaturgy and theater

sports and leisure activities
Horse back riding

winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating)





tours by bicycle


table tennis
for free

swimming, beach activities

trips and excursions
excursions to factories and industrial plants

trips to natural attractions

visit of historic attractions in Buenos Aires

excursions to places of historical interest outside of Buenos Aires

excursions and trips to other cities

volunteering and work
social volunteering (no free)

internships (participation free)

in a residential area outside the center of Buenos Aires

neighborhood and its resources
park or recreation area


ATM/bank cashiers

fast food restaurants


cafes and bars

city and near surroundings
historical buildings and monuments from the colonial era

buildings of important contemporary architecture

important museums of Buenos Aires

marketing and customer service
responding/answering to customer inquiries within 48 hours

comprehensive and informative website with detailed and actual information

subsidiaries, partner schools
Amauta BsAs is a language school in a company with several language schools

accreditations and registrations
DELE Examination-Center

credits for universities

registered language school

Spanishcourses - TOP school /recommended school

National Education Ministry/Secretary de Argentina


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Info and Ads

Amauta BsAs offers and prices

Inscription fee, teaching material

Enrollment fee

If students combine 2 different courses the enrollment fee only has to be paid once.

65,00 US-$

Teaching material and text books


Courses in groups

Spanish & Excursions

For those who want the opportunity to study Spanish and explore Argentina while participating in as many tours and as many activities as possible! 3 weeks with 50 Spanish classes.

3 weeks
1.740,00 US-$

Course in group - 4 lessons per day

1 week
230,00 US-$

Combined courses (group + private lessons)

Combined course (4 lessons in group + 1 private lesson per day)

1 week
365,00 US-$

Combined course (4 lessons in group + 2 private lessons per day)

1 week
498,00 US-$

Private lessons

Private teaching 1:1

20 lessons
540,00 US-$

Private teaching 1:1

Minimum of 10 sessions

1 lesson
35,00 US-$


Shared appartment - in single room

1 week
270,00 US-$

Shared appartment - in double room

1 week
195,00 US-$

Living with native family - in single room

(2 meals included)

1 week
295,00 US-$

Living with native family - in double room

*Double room at a home stay upon request only, when two people book together

1 week
295,00 US-$

Activities and trips

Free Cultural Activities with your Spanish Course

Walking Tour in the area of the school, Welcome meeting, Argentine Cooking Class or Tango Class, Latin American movie presentations, visits to musea, daily lectures on Argentine culture and society and excursions to famous Buenos Aires sites.


Spanish in the Pampas

Study Spanish in The Heart of the gaucho culture on the Argentine countryside. A perfect opportunity to learn something extra about Argentina, to combine excursions and hikes with the Spanish program and to enjoy the tranquility and the intimacy of traditional, Argentine life.

1 week
1.785,00 US-$

Teen Spanish & Activities Camp Buenos Aires (two weeks)

This is a great opportunity for teens who are interested in the Argentinean culture, in learning the tango, in visiting new places, and in having fun while learning Spanish. Includes 40 sessions of classes, all accommodation, activities, meals and transportation fees.

2.870,00 US-$

Extra Services

Airportservice (pick up/bring there) per direction

80,00 US-$


Internet access (using computer of the school)


Internet access WIFI


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An amazing cultural and Spanish Immersion experience in Argentina

AMAUTA Spanish offers the unique opportunity to study and learn the Spanish language while immersed in Argentine culture. Our Spanish language school in Argentina is located in Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan and exciting capital of Argentina. Take Spanish classes and improve your Spanish language in this unique setting with so many things to do! Additional free cultural classes such as tango workshops, Argentine cooking and Latin American movie presentations, make AMAUTA Spanish School a distinct educational destination in South America.

AMAUTA Spanish school offers you customized tutoring at ...

AMAUTA Spanish school offers you customized tutoring at the level and pace especially suited to your personal goals. AMAUTA is known for its interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods that will help you to start speaking Spanish quickly. All standard Spanish courses include four hours of private or group instruction per day. Additional hours can be arranged for.
Our groups are small and all courses are (super) intensive. The make-up of the group is determined according to the students’ abilities; the first day of the course begins with an oral and written placement test.

FREE Cultural Activities

Free daily student activities are included in all programs (cooking, dancing, music, lectures on Argentinean Culture and History, movies, a welcome drink) as well as all lesson materials, unlimited use of internet, an AMAUTA student discount card, a certificate and a guided tour in the neighborhood during the first day. Our cultural courses are very popular - a great way to improve Spanish while listening to and participating in activities directed towards learning in a dynamic environment where students will learn about the Argentinean culture. One hour per day, included in your program!

An ideal location

AMAUTA is located in the center of Buenos Aires, in the beautiful Barolo Palace. From this location it is not far to the famous Pink House, the governmental house and the Obelisc, just to mention a few.
The Barolo Palace is equipped with huge windows which make the classrooms sunny and very comfortable. Take a look outside and youll overlook almost the whole city of Buenos Aires.
Inside the school there is a commom room with free WiFi, a coffe bar and computers - Outside the school there are endless shopping possibilities on the La Florida street, the famous Cafe Tortoni and its only 15 minutes to trendy Palermo!

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