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The language school Acad. Buenos Aires offers ...

common Spanish classes
Spanish course in group (5 - 10 students)

Spanish private lessons (1:1)

Combined courses (group course + individual lessons)

online lessons (Skype, Messenger etc.)

online teaching (professional systems)

special types of courses
Spanish courses at home/in the company

Spanish courses for closed groups - for example: clubs, companies, etc.

subject-specific courses
Preparation courses for DELE exams

courses for Spanish teachers

subject area medicine and nursing

English courses for local people

Courses in other languages for locals

course commercial Spanish

teaching material
photocopies as auxiliary material
for free

textbook, edited and assembled by the school Acad. Buenos Aires itself
for free

Audio CDs, developed and recorded by the school itself

interactive software and educational programs / CDs

audio/video language laboratory
for free

school management, staff & teachers
Office: English spoken

Office: German spoken

all teachers of Acad. Buenos Aires are Spanish native speakers

ALL teachers have had a special training in teaching Spanish to foreigners

course levels
without any Spanish skills: Spanish for absolute beginners

students with basic Spanish skills

students with intermediate level of Spanish

students with advanced knowledge of Spanish

Spanish native speaker (teacher training)

services and facilities
emergency phone 24h reachable

for free

for free

facilities and access for handicaped persons

airconditioned classrooms

classrooms with heating

credit card payment

Shuttle Service: airport, railroad station or bus-terminal

for free

Internet access via computers of the school
for free

shared apartment

Studio apartment (not shared)

Homestay with native family of Buenos Aires

School‘s residence


community and linguistic activities
organized meetings for language exchange
for free

movies and documentaries
for free

visit togehter soccer/big games

go together to concerts

go together to see theatre performances

workshops/special activities
Workshop dancing (Salsa, Flamenco etc.)

cooking classes (typical dishes)

Workshop arts & crafts/ceramics

Workshop painting and drawing

Workshop dramaturgy and theater

sports and leisure activities
Horse back riding

winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating)

diving, snorkelling





Offroad car tours (4x4)




tours by bicycle


swimming, beach activities

trips and excursions
excursions to handicraft production places
for free

trips to natural attractions

visit of historic attractions in Buenos Aires
for free

excursions to places of historical interest outside of Buenos Aires

excursions and trips to other cities

volunteering and work
social volunteering (free or expense allowance)
for free

internships (participation is not free)

in the city centre of Buenos Aires

neighborhood and its resources
park or recreation area


ATM/bank cashiers

fast food restaurants


cafes and bars

discotheques and dance halls

city and near surroundings
historical buildings and monuments from the colonial era

buildings of important contemporary architecture

important museums of Buenos Aires

marketing and customer service
responding/answering to customer inquiries within 48 hours

comprehensive and informative website with detailed and actual information

subsidiaries, partner schools
Acad. Buenos Aires is a language school in a company with several language schools

Acad. Buenos Aires maintains relationship /joint offerings with partner schools

accreditations and registrations
DELE Examination-Center

credits for universities

registered language school

Spanishcourses - TOP school /recommended school

Local and tax authorities of/for Buenos Aires

National Turism Ministry/Secretary of Argentina

SEA - Argentine Association of Language Schools


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Info and Ads

Acad. Buenos Aires offers and prices

Inscription fee, teaching material

Inscription fee

Included: study materials, level test, end-of-level test, diploma, internet + wifi, two extracurricular activities per week, etc ... all included.

50,00 US-$

Airportservice (pick up/bring there) per direction

1 unit
45,00 US-$

Courses in groups

Course in group - 4 lessons per day - max. 5 students per group

1 week
200,00 US-$

Combined course Buenos Aires + Montevideo (Uruguay)

Prices in both schools are identical. You can switch every monday.

1 week
200,00 US-$

Combined courses (group + private lessons)

Combined course (4 lessons in group + X private lessons per day)

This course allows you to create your own mix of private and group classes. The price depends on the amount of private classes you add to the group package.

1 week
200,00 US-$

Private lessons

Private teaching 1:1

1 lesson
25,00 US-$


Shared appartment - in single room - Standard

1 week
160,00 US-$

Shared appartment - in single room - Superior

1 week
190,00 US-$

Shared appartment - 2 persons in double room

Price per room. Ask for price and availability of superior rooms.

1 week
230,00 US-$

Living with native family - in single room - superior

Price per person (in some cases, families accept couples). Including breakfast: add 20 USD per week. Including breakfast and dinner: add 55 USD per week.

1 week
160,00 US-$

Living with native family - in single room - Superior

Price per person (in some cases, families accept couples). Including breakfast: add 20 USD per week. Including breakfast and dinner: add 65 USD per week.

1 week
175,00 US-$

Activities and trips

Extracurricular activities

At least two extracurricular activities per week (Guided tours, Tango, Asado dinners, excursions, movies etc)


Extra Services

Internet access (using computer of the school)



Internet access WIFI


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We are a renowned and professional Spanish-language ...

We are a renowned and professional Spanish-language institute in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina!
We are located 20 meters off central Plaza de Mayo.
Our aim is to offer you an efficient and pleasant way of quickly improving your Spanish language skills through customized teaching and a full immersion in the Argentine way of life.

We have founded the Academia Buenos Aires in the belief ...

We have founded the Academia Buenos Aires in the belief that we have a special service to offer to our foreign students. All of us have worked with foreign students before, either as teachers, host families, or guides.
None of us has found the kind of professional teaching, high-quality housing and rich social life that we offer anywhere else in Buenos Aires.
We believe that as a professional service provider, we must understand the particular needs of our guests from all over the world and meet their high demands.

The Institute uses a full-immersion, integrated ...

The Institute uses a full-immersion, integrated learning method. This means that you will learn Spanish 24 hours a day, in professionally conducted classes, informally at
home with your host family (if you choose this option) and during extra-curricular activities.
Our approach is based on the idea that participating in a mix of different language situations is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language

We offer at least two extracurricular activities per ...

We offer at least two extracurricular activities per week, free of charge. Some of the activities we offer are: visits of the different parts of town, the city’s major museums, Tango classes, asado grill parties, excursions to the delta of the Tigre river, trips to the Mataderos gaucho fair, movie showings …

We can organize weekend trips for you to different ...

We can organize weekend trips for you to different parts of Argentina, such as the Iguazu falls, Mendoza and its vineyards, Cordoba and its mountains, the Moon valley in San Juan, Puerto Madryn (whale watching), Ushuaia and the end of the world, etc. And if you are interested in planning a longer trip through Argentina or other parts of Latin America we will be happy to help you with our experience: we can help you decide where to go and what to do!

The Academia Buenos is one of the few schools in ...

The Academia Buenos is one of the few schools in Argentina that actually offers the whole range of housing options: selected homestays with or without meals, shared apartments with Argentineans, individual apartments (studios or larger), hotels, hostals, etc. The student describes how and where he/she wants to live, and at what price, and the academy will make the student and a corresponding offer.

Are you a Spanish teacher?

Here the directory for Spanish private classes is growing ...

If you want to participate, don't hesitate to contact us.


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