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currency information: Guaraní paraguayo (G.)

Welcome to Paraguay



país ParaguayParaguay (South America) covers an area of approximately 406.000 km² and borders on Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil


Official state name: Republic of Paraguay

Capital: Asunción

Seat of government and congress/parliament in Asunción


Paraguay has approximately 6.340.000 inhabitants, of which about 6.100.000 (96,2% of the population) Spanish native speakers.

Number & Info

Time zone:

Time difference to/offset from UTC/GMT (London): -4 hours

Current time in Paraguay:

20:02:33 h
Daylight saving time (DST) from Sunday, 5 October, 2014 until Sunday, 12 April, 2015, time change 1 h (at this moment applied)

Spoken languages:

Besides Spanish, in Paraguay people also speak Guaraní.

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The international area code for calls from abroad for Paraguay is: +595

voltage: 220 V

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Cities of Paraguay



Spanish language schools: 3

Detailed info Asunción

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National Sercetary of Tourism Paraguay

website in Spanish

area: travel info

senatur. gov. py

Logo Asociación Paraguaya de FutbolAsociación Paraguaya de Futbol

Official site of the Soccer association of Paraguay

website in Spanish and English

area: culture & sports

apf. org. py

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currency information

Currency of Paraguay: Guaraní paraguayo (code: PYG, currency symbol: G.)

Current exchange rates

updated 2 hours ago
next update in 12 minutes

Guaraní paraguayo


100 G. = 0,022 US-$

1 US-$ = 4.626 G.

Guaraní paraguayo


100 G. = 0,020 €

1 € = 5.103 G.

Guaraní paraguayo

Schweizer Franken

100 G. = 0,021 Sf

1 Sf = 4.752 G.

Guaraní paraguayo

Pound Sterling

100 G. = 0,014 £

1 £ = 7.053 G.

Guaraní paraguayo


100 G. = 0,065 R$

1 R$ = 1.541 G.

Guaraní paraguayo

Australian Dollar

100 G. = 0,028 A$

1 A$ = 3.600 G.

Guaraní paraguayo


100 G. = 0,027 C$

1 C$ = 3.704 G.

Guaraní paraguayo

New Zealand Dollar

100 G. = 0,029 NZ$

1 NZ$ = 3.463 G.

Guaraní paraguayo


100 G. = 0,135 ¥

1 ¥ = 738 G.

Guaraní paraguayo


100 G. = 2,597 ¥

1 ¥ = 38,502 G.

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Welcome to Paraguay

The Paraguayan landscape consists of grassy plains and wooded hills in the region east of Paraguay River that divides the country in two regions:
The region west of the river, the (Gran) Chaco features mostly low, marshy plains near the river and dry forest and thorny scrub further west.


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Language and Culture in Paraguay

Paraguay is a bilingual country.
Spanish and Guaraní are both official languages. Guaraní is commonly spoken by most of the population, and it's the main language at rural areas.
Paraguayan culture is a mixture of Spanish and Guaraní elements.
It maintaines many features introduced by the Spanish conquerors, artisans, and Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries in the early 1600's.

Main resources

Paraguay's main natural resources are its forests, fertile soils, mineral deposits, and the most important of its resources are the rivers: They are commonly used as main paths of communication.
For those living by riversides, fishing is important, with a large variety of fishes. Although they don't have a taste like the sea variety, some of them like the Corvina and the brave Dorado (named after its golden scales) destach among the others.


The principal industry of Paraguay is farming and the production of agricultural products.
The leading agricultural products are cotton, sugarcane, corn, soybeans, potatoes, bananas, oranges, wheat, beans, tobacco, mandioca (yucca), and yerba nate (Ilex Paraguaiensis) or Paraguayan tea, which is very popular among country residents in the form of an infusion with cold water (Tereré) or warm water (Mate).
Live stock breeding is also a major occupation, and most favored areas are located at the Chaco and southern oriental region.. Forestry is also important to the economy. Although there are deposits of petroleum, natural gas, iron, manganese, bauxite, and other minerals, they are not exploited commercially.

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