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currency information: Lempira (L)

Welcome to Honduras



país HondurasHonduras (Central America) covers an area of approximately 112.000 km² and borders on El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua


Official state name: Republic of Honduras

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Seat of government and congress/parliament in Tegucigalpa


Honduras has approximately 8.000.000 inhabitants, of which about 7.000.000 (87,5% of the population) Spanish native speakers.

Well known products of Honduras:

Coffee, bananas, shrimp

Number & Info

Time zone:

Time difference to/offset from UTC/GMT (London): -6 hours

Current time in Honduras:

09:42:41 h

Spoken languages:

Besides Spanish, in Honduras people also speak Amerindian.

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The international area code for calls from abroad for Honduras is: +504

voltage: 110 - 220 V

Websites of Honduras end usually with .hn

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Cities of Honduras



Spanish language schools: 0

Detailed info Tegucigalpa

La Ceiba

Spanish language schools: 2

Detailed info La Ceiba


Spanish language schools: 1

Detailed info Tela

Copán Ruinas

Spanish language schools: 2

Detailed info Copán Ruinas

Santa Rosa De Copán

Spanish language schools: 1

Detailed info Santa Rosa De Copán

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website in English and Spanish

area: travel info

letsgohonduras. com

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currency information

Currency of Honduras: Lempira (code: HNL, currency symbol: L)

Current exchange rates

updated 56 minutes ago
next update in 64 minutes



100 L = 4,762 US-$

1 US-$ = 21,000 L



100 L = 4,253 €

1 € = 23,513 L


Schweizer Franken

100 L = 4,541 Sf

1 Sf = 22,022 L


Pound Sterling

100 L = 3,084 £

1 £ = 32,423 L



100 L = 13,540 R$

1 R$ = 7,385 L


Australian Dollar

100 L = 6,096 A$

1 A$ = 16,404 L



100 L = 5,956 C$

1 C$ = 16,791 L


New Zealand Dollar

100 L = 6,298 NZ$

1 NZ$ = 15,877 L



100 L = 29,834 ¥

1 ¥ = 3,352 L



1 L = 5,697 ¥

100 ¥ = 17,554 L

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Welcome to Honduras

Honduras provides an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage.
Honduras is strategically located in the heart of Central America and is surrounded by high tropical mountains, which provide the country with a variety of different climates.
Its northern border is the Caribbean Sea, offering long stretches of beautiful beach, warm weather and friendly people. Just off the coast, the Bay Islands are surrounded by the world’s second largest coral reef.
To the south, Honduras is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and El Salvador, to the west by Guatemala and to the east by Nicaragua.


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Islands, beaches, nature

The Bay Islands are surrounded by the world’s second largest coral reef. Copan is considered the Athens of the ancient Mayan civilization; and there are beaches of singular beauty.
In Honduras you will find exuberant scenery, colonial towns and living cultures throughout the country.

Fulfill all of your vacation dreams ...

Whether your Honduras pleasure lies in sunning on the beaches of Roatan, climbing an ancient pyramid, taking photos, sailing or diving in the sparkling Caribbean Sea, spying a flock of native parrots or a jaguar in their natural habitat while on an eco-tour, or even dancing the night away, Honduras can fulfill all of your vacation dreams.

Coup d‘etat by the military in Honduras

The democratically elected President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya was arrested on June 28, 2009 by a group of soldiers and moved to Costa Rica.
Due the unestable situation we recommend that until further notice no Spanish-learning trips to Honduras should be planned.

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