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El Salvador (Central America)
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El Salvador

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Cities of El Salvador

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currency information: Us-Dollar (US-$)

Welcome to El Salvador


El Salvador

país El SalvadorEl Salvador (Central America) covers an area of approximately 21.000 km² and borders on Guatemala and Honduras

El Salvador:

Official state name: Republic of El Salvador

Capital: San Salvador

Seat of government and congress/parliament in San Salvador


El Salvador has approximately 6.251.000 inhabitants, of which about 6.240.000 (99,8% of the population) Spanish native speakers.

Number & Info

Time zone:

Time difference to/offset from UTC/GMT (London): -6 hours

Current time in El Salvador:

08:06:18 h

Spoken languages:

Besides Spanish, in El Salvador people also speak Nahua.

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The international area code for calls from abroad for El Salvador is: +503

voltage: 120 - 240 V

Websites of El Salvador end usually with .sv

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Cities of El Salvador


Santa Ana

Spanish language schools: 0

Detailed info Santa Ana

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Promotion of the national tourism and recreation offering an efficient and qualitative service in the recreation areas. (in Spanish only)

istu. gob. sv

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currency information

Currency of El Salvador: Us-Dollar (code: USD, currency symbol: US-$)

Current exchange rates

updated 11 minutes ago
next update in 109 minutes



100 US-$ = 89,342 €

1 € = 1,119 US-$


Schweizer Franken

1 US-$ = 0,959 Sf

1 Sf = 1,043 US-$


Pound Sterling

100 US-$ = 65,000 £

1 £ = 1,538 US-$



1 US-$ = 2,900 R$

100 R$ = 34,483 US-$


Australian Dollar

1 US-$ = 1,277 A$

100 A$ = 78,325 US-$



1 US-$ = 1,246 C$

100 C$ = 80,276 US-$


New Zealand Dollar

1 US-$ = 1,323 NZ$

100 NZ$ = 75,580 US-$



1 US-$ = 6,272 ¥

100 ¥ = 15,944 US-$



1 US-$ = 120 ¥

100 ¥ = 0,837 US-$

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Welcome to El Salvador

Welcome to El Salvador! - El Salvador is known as the land of volcanoes. This small Central American country bordering the tropical Pacific Ocean provides natural excitement and beauty.


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El Salvador is a country of beautiful contrasts

Due to it's small territory it is known as "America's Midget" but nevertheless, the greatness of it's name honors the greatest gift that God has offered the world: his Son, The Savior of the World (El Salvador del Mundo).

Beautiful landscapes

In El Salvador you have the opportunity to appreciate beautiful landscapes and change the scenic beauty you are watching if you so desire in less than one hour! From the city environment to the beach, from a beach to a mountain, from a village to a volcano, everything in El Salvador seems to be in the palm of your hand.

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