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currency information: Us-Dollar (US-$)

Welcome to Ecuador



país EcuadorEcuador (South America) covers an area of approximately 256.000 km² and borders on Colombia and Peru


Official state name: Republic of Ecuador

Capital: Quito

Seat of government and congress/parliament in Quito


Ecuador has approximately 14.500.000 inhabitants, of which about 13.200.000 (91,0% of the population) Spanish native speakers.

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Time zone:

Time difference to/offset from UTC/GMT (London): -5 hours

Current time in Ecuador:

17:06:27 h

Spoken languages:

Besides Spanish, in Ecuador people also speak Quechua.

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The international area code for calls from abroad for Ecuador is: +593

voltage: 110 - 220 V

Websites of Ecuador end usually with .ec

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Cities of Ecuador



Spanish language schools: 41

Detailed info Quito


Spanish language schools: 4

Detailed info Manta

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Ministry of Information and Tourism (with photo gallery)

vivecuador. com

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currency information

Currency of Ecuador: Us-Dollar (code: USD, currency symbol: US-$)

Current exchange rates

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100 US-$ = 89,314 €

1 € = 1,120 US-$


Schweizer Franken

1 US-$ = 0,954 Sf

1 Sf = 1,049 US-$


Pound Sterling

100 US-$ = 64,769 £

1 £ = 1,544 US-$



1 US-$ = 2,844 R$

100 R$ = 35,168 US-$


Australian Dollar

1 US-$ = 1,280 A$

100 A$ = 78,116 US-$



1 US-$ = 1,251 C$

100 C$ = 79,955 US-$


New Zealand Dollar

1 US-$ = 1,323 NZ$

100 NZ$ = 75,604 US-$



1 US-$ = 6,265 ¥

100 ¥ = 15,961 US-$



1 US-$ = 120 ¥

100 ¥ = 0,836 US-$

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Welcome to Ecuador

Welcome in Ecuador! It is a place of spectacular diversity, having 4 natural geographical regions: the coast, the highlands, the jungle, and the enchanted Galapagos islands.
Ecuador is a country with endless natural richness. The geographic and climatic diversity of its four regions have given rise to thousands of unique species of flora and fauna.


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The geographical diversity of Ecuador means that there are a number of different climates and microclimates in the country’s four regions. Temperatures vary according to elevation and the location of the cities and towns.
Ecologically, Ecuador is one of the richest countries on the planet. The amazing biodiversity throughout the nation's various regions means that there are thousands of unique species of flora and fauna in Ecuador.

Geographical features

Due to its location and unique geographical features, Ecuador is home to varied landscapes with infinite soil types, ecosystems, and microclimates.
In this tiny nation’s 22 provinces – divided into 4 basic regions - you’ll find tropical islands, towering snowcapped peaks, sandy beaches, and simmering jungle.

Main tourist attractions

Then main tourist attractions and destinations of Ecuador are the Galapagos Islands, Chimborazo and Cotopaxi in the Andean region, the Ecuadorian Coast, Guayaquil and the Sunshine Route, the Amazon region, and the colonial churches of Quito and Cuenca are all highlight destinations of this beautiful.
There are hundred of places that will leave you in awe.
Ecuador is a relatively cheap country compared to other countries in the region. Here, you will find all kinds of high quality services offered for a wide range of prices.


The nation is also home to 13 indigenous nationalities, each of which maintain their traditional customs, way of life, and world vision.
The Eastern Quichua, Huaorani, Achuar, Shuar, Cofan, Siona-Secoya, Shiwiar, and Zaparo all live in the Amazon region. In the Andes, live the highland Quichua such as the Cañaris and the Saraguros.
The coastal region is home to the AWA, Chachis, Cayapas, Tsachilas, and Huancavilcas. The urban areas are inhabited mainly by mestizos (mixed race), whites, and Afro-Ecuadorians.

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