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Costa Rica

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Cities of Costa Rica

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currency information: Colón costarricense (¢)

Welcome to Costa Rica


Costa Rica

país Costa RicaCosta Rica (Central America) covers an area of approximately 51.000 km² and borders on Nicaragua and Panama

Costa Rica:

Official state name: Republic of Costa Rica

Capital: San José

Seat of government and congress/parliament in San José


Costa Rica has approximately 4.305.000 inhabitants, of which about 4.000.000 (92,9% of the population) Spanish native speakers.

Number & Info

Time zone:

Time difference to/offset from UTC/GMT (London): -6 hours

Current time in Costa Rica:

17:38:21 h

Spoken languages:

Besides Spanish, in Costa Rica people also speak Mekatelyu and Bribri.

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The international area code for calls from abroad for Costa Rica is: +506

voltage: 120 V

Websites of Costa Rica end usually with .cr

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Cities of Costa Rica


San José

Spanish language schools: 16

Detailed info San José


Spanish language schools: 2

Detailed info Alajuela

Santa Ana

Spanish language schools: 1

Detailed info Santa Ana

Quepos - Manuel Antonio

Spanish language schools: 3

Detailed info Quepos - Manuel Antonio

Playa Cahuita

Spanish language schools: 3

Detailed info Playa Cahuita



Spanish language schools: 1

Detailed info Jaco

Playa Tamarindo

Spanish language schools: 1

Detailed info Playa Tamarindo

San Antonio de Belén

Spanish language schools: 1

Detailed info San Antonio de Belén

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In Monteverde Costa Rica rain forest are found more than 100 species of mammals including 5 species of cats, over 400 species of birds including 30 kinds of hummingbirds, tens of thousands of insect speciesand 2,500 species of plants.

monteverdeinfo. com


Costa Rica Guides: Vacation & Adventure Center

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currency information

Currency of Costa Rica: Colón costarricense (code: CRC, currency symbol: ¢)

Current exchange rates

updated an hour ago
next update in 31 minutes

Colón costarricense


100 ¢ = 0,187 US-$

1 US-$ = 535 ¢

Colón costarricense


100 ¢ = 0,167 €

1 € = 599 ¢

Colón costarricense

Schweizer Franken

100 ¢ = 0,178 Sf

1 Sf = 561 ¢

Colón costarricense

Pound Sterling

100 ¢ = 0,121 £

1 £ = 825 ¢

Colón costarricense


100 ¢ = 0,532 R$

1 R$ = 188 ¢

Colón costarricense

Australian Dollar

100 ¢ = 0,239 A$

1 A$ = 418 ¢

Colón costarricense


100 ¢ = 0,234 C$

1 C$ = 427 ¢

Colón costarricense

New Zealand Dollar

100 ¢ = 0,247 NZ$

1 NZ$ = 404 ¢

Colón costarricense


100 ¢ = 1,172 ¥

1 ¥ = 85,332 ¢

Colón costarricense


100 ¢ = 22,377 ¥

1 ¥ = 4,469 ¢

SPC OinfData & Yahoo-Finance™

yahoo. com


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Welcome to Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you will find one of the most stable countries in Central America.
So if you are coming to wander through endless jungle swamps, or surf the perfect Pacific wave this Ecotourism heaven has got it all.


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Costa Rica´s year round climate is pleasant with naturally occurring breezes cooling down most of the coastal areas.
Temperatures in the highlands and the mountains are warm by day and brisk at night giving an "eternal spring" feeling. The average annual temperatures range from 31.7°C (89°F) on the coast to 16.7°C (62°F) inland. The rainy, or green, season lasts from May to December with noticeably drier days during the rest of the year.

The country

The “Tico’s" love there homeland and for good reason, the slow-paced life, wonderful snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean, surfing or watching sea turtles on the Pacific, plenty of mystic volcanoes and jungles in between. Costa Rica is with its impressive scenic beauty, consolidated system of protected areas, social and political stability, high educational levels, and efficient infrastructure and services on the world’s great adventure hot spots.
All of this offered in a territory of only 51 thousand square kilometers, surrounded by both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, at a distance from each other of only three to four hours by land or 45 minutes by air.


The fact that more than one million tourists visit Costa Rica each year does not happen by chance. Our country, located in Central America, is an isthmus where life seems to have created its roots. Covering only 0.03% of the surface of our planet, Costa Rica has approximately 6% of the world's biodiversity.

Braulio Carrillo National Park

The park, whose name has been dedicated to Braulio Carrillo, the third head of state of Costa Rica (who governed from 1837-42), was established in 1978 and is the most extensive park in the central part of Costa Rica. It includes Barva Volcanoe as well as the mountains Cacho Negro and Zurquí, among others. There are several lakes of volcanic origin surrounded by the cloud forest, the most beautiful one is called Laguna Barva.
The National Park is covered with evergreen forest of great density and botanical complexity. You can find more then 6,000 species of plants in the forest as well as a great diversity of animal life.

Rain Forest Aerial Trams

The Rain Forest Aerial Trams are among the most spectacular and exiting places to visit in Costa Rica. Visitors can choose between the Rain Forest Aerial Tram on the Atlantic, which is located about 50 minutes from San José, and the Rain Forest Aerial Tram on the Pacific Side (on the way to Jacó Beach).
In the Aerial Trams visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a fascinating view over the tropical rain forest; organized tours also include guided walking tours with expert naturalist guides. The park on the Pacific side, furthermore, offers a heliconias gallery, a medicine plants garden and a snake’s exhibition.

The Fortuna of San Carlos - Arenal Volcano

It is extremely attractive a tourist destiny for which they please to go to relax and to rest to a full place of nature and a pretty landscape. In this zone already one count on hotels of first attractive beautiful restaurants and of course his natural ones as the Dam, the Cataract of the Fortuna River, the Lakes and their greater attractive Arenal Volcano.
This region is approximately to 4 hours of the center of San José, in a good road and with many attractiveness of by means; in the zone that this before the Fortune (San Ramon) has several souvenir, restaurants and small 'sodas’ in which delicious typical meals be served to follow with the trip.
In the zone also tourism of adventure like Canopy is offered, suspension bridges, rafting and of more and also an ample range of hotels with thermal waters and long walks, which also can be nocturnal long walks or lava long walks


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