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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.
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Basic info: Úbeda/Spain

The city Úbeda is located in Spain (Europe) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 38° 01' and West 03° 22'.

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Welcome to Úbeda

Ubeda along with Baeza is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Superimposed on its historic Arab city plan is Spain's best collection of Renaissance buildings.
Beautiful handcarved stone and white washed facades transport the visitor back in time.
This regional commercial and cultural center is surrounded by majestic parks and wilderness preserves (Cazorla, Segura, Las Villas, Sierra Magina, etc.). Come nightfall revelers can play and party safely within the confines of Ubeda's ancient walls.

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Weather and forecast for Úbeda /Spain

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Wednesday, 4 March 10:00h until 13:00h 

Temperature: 11° C

Wind: north with 3 km/h (1,1 mph)

Pressure: 1027,6 hPa

Weather forecast:

Wednesday, 4 March 13:00h until 19:00h 

Temperature: 16° C

Wind: northeast with 10 km/h (2,9 mph)

Pressure: 1026,8 hPa

Wednesday, 4 March 19:00h until Thursday, 5 March 01:00h 

Temperature: 13° C

Wind: northeast with 9 km/h (2,6 mph)

Pressure: 1026,5 hPa

Thursday, 5 March 01:00h until 07:00h 

Temperature: 7° C

Wind: northeast with 9 km/h (2,6 mph)

Pressure: 1031,2 hPa

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Current moon phase: waxing gibbous moon

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Úbeda - airports of interest

Airport Málaga



distance: 179 km/111 mls

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Airport Alicante International



distance: 247 km/153 mls

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Airport Madrid Barajas International



distance: 275 km/171 mls

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Airport Federico Garcia Lorca



distance: 98 km/61 mls

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Airport Almería International



distance: 157 km/98 mls

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Airport Albacete-Los Llanos



distance: 166 km/103 mls

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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.


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Arab city wall

The ancient Arab city wall: Built in the IX century, later modified during medieval times. 60 % of the original wall remains (more than 2 kilometers) along with ancient doorways which open to nature as well as the modern districts of the city.

Plaza Vazquez de Molina

Plaza Vazquez de Molina: Spain’s best example of the Renaissance Plaza is surrounded by incredible period buildings. Notable amongst these buildings is the Church
of Santa María, with its gothic cloister.
Also on the square are three large buildings The Chapell of the Saviour, The Funerary shrine of Fransisco de los Cobos and the Palaces of Vazquez de Molina and Dean Ortega all designed by Andrés de Salvador, Andalusia’s greatest Renaissance architect.

Hospital de Santiago and The Church of San Pablo

Hospital de Santiago: This important Renaissance building serves as a cultural center. The building contains exhibition space, an auditorium, dance school, library, and is the home of the Youth Orchestra of Andalusia.
The Church of San Pablo (Iglesia de San Pablo): Its foundation dates back to Gothic times and was remodelled during the Renaissance.
Casa Mudéjar: From the XIII, is an interesting example of the fusion of Islamic and Gothic architectural styles.

Free tapa culture

Together with Almería and Granada, Jaén is the only province in Spain where the free tapa culture has been preserved. In September, you can also visit the Tapa Fair.
n addition, Úbeda has a supply of tapas particularly adapted to local food: e.g. ochíos, picadillo, andrajos, all prepared with delicious olive oil.

The local cuisine is excellent ...

And as the Spanish people sit down from time to time to eat too, there exists also a wide variety of restaurants:
From those serving excellent local cuisine to the new creators who have based their innovations on traditional cuisine, using excellent local and Mediterranean products.

Renaissance Food Festival

Renaissance cuisine also has an important place.
Between the months of January and March, the city holds its Renaissance Food Festival, with lunches and evening meals in emblematic restaurants, sometimes accompanied by shows.
There is also the possibility of organizing Renaissance meals throughout the year for groups, with theatre and music.

Cultural Life

You will find cinemas, theatres, exhibition halls, museums and concerts throughout the year. Of particular importance is program of the Hospital de Santiago cultural centre.
Assisting a concert in the Hospital's Chapel, particularly if it is a classical or flamenco concert, is an unforgettable experience because of the magnificent acoustics.

Flamenco and Úbeda

Going to a good flamenco show is very easy in Úbeda thanks to the Flamenco Activo Association, which discerningly schedules performances throughout the year.
In addition, at the Casa Museo Andalusí flamenco tablao, you can see the artists Vicente Fernández and Rosario Valera, magnificent dancers and teachers who can teach you this magical art at their flamenco school.

Fiestas and Festivals

The city also holds its International Music and Dance Festival “Ciudad de Úbeda" in the spring, a short story festival in June, the Chamber Music Season between October and April, the Úbeda and Baeza Early Music Festival in winter.
The Town's Annual Fiestas begin in the spring in the different neighbourhoods, although the most important festivals are those of the Virgen de Guadalupe (8th September) and those of San Miguel (28th September), with an important bullfighting season, theatre, children's programs and cultural activities.

More Fiestas and Semana Santa (Holy Easter Week)

Also important are the religious processions (“romerías") in spring and summer, carnival in February and the Fiesta of San Antón.
Without doubt, Holy Week is Úbeda's largest festival. In fact, Úbeda is one of the few places in Spain where the Holy Week processions are organised in chronological order. The general procession on Good Friday in which all the brotherhoods take part is a unique experience.

Craft workshops

With one of the largest concentrations of craft workshops in Spain, local craftspeople work hard towards keeping the best traditions of the past alive:
Pottery, woodwork, reed work, wickerwork, palm work, stonework, ironwork, etc.

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