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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.
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Basic info: San José/Costa Rica

The city San José is located in Costa Rica (Central America) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 09° 54' and West 84° 02'.

San José is the capital of Costa Rica.

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Climate, weather:

24ºC (77ºF) all year with a wet season from May to October an dry the rest of the year.

Welcome to San José

San José is the hub of the country, with a noticeably more modernized feel.
Located in the Central Valley, surrounded by towering green mountains, the capital city is vibrant and not as intimidating as most Central American capitals.
Several downtown parks provide a tranquil green oasis’s amid the stresses of city life.
Nightlife is vibrant and international restaurants are plentiful. Various museums, including the 100 year-old National Theater and the National Dance and Theater Companies make San José the cultural capital as well.

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Weather and forecast for San José /Costa Rica

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Upcoming hours:

Monday, 2 March 15:00h until 18:00h 

Temperature: 22° C

Wind: northeast with 18 km/h (5 mph)

Pressure: 1014,3 hPa

Weather forecast:

Monday, 2 March 18:00h until 24:00h 

Temperature: 17° C

Wind: northeast with 10 km/h (3 mph)

Pressure: 1014,8 hPa

Tuesday, 3 March 00:00h until 06:00h 

Temperature: 15° C

Wind: northeast with 7 km/h (2,2 mph)

Pressure: 1016,5 hPa

precipitation: 0,2 mm

Tuesday, 3 March 06:00h until 12:00h 

Temperature: 16° C

Wind: northeast with 10 km/h (3 mph)

Pressure: 1015,8 hPa

precipitation: 0,3 mm

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sunrise at 05:50h and sunset at 17:46h

The moon

Current moon phase: waxing gibbous moon

18 days until next new moon

3 days until next full moon

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Information on San José (Costa Rica)

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San José - airports of interest

Airport Tobias Bolanos International

San Jose


distance: 11 km/6,8 mls

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Airport Juan Santamaria International

San Jose


distance: 20 km/12 mls

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Airport Quepos Managua



distance: 51 km/32 mls

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Airport Aerotortuguero



distance: 94 km/58 mls

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Airport Barra del Colorado



distance: 109 km/68 mls

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Airport Limon International

Puerto Limon


distance: 112 km/70 mls

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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.


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San Pedro Mall

Mall San Pedro is situated in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, a district of San José, Costa Rica. It is a very popular place to pass your free time, due to the big variety of shops you can find in the Mall.
There are cafeterias, bars, restaurants, also the biggest discotheque of San José, Planet Mall, which is visited by people aged 16 years or more, as well as one of the most modern fitness centers, etc.
There are also all kinds of stores offering clothes, accessories, shoes, video games; in short: almost everything for your personal needs. The modern cinema halls are especially visited on Wednesdays, due to a special offer called two for one.
The Mall San Pedro is open including holidays and weekends and is one of the most modern commercial centers in Central America.

The Festival of Arts of San José

The festival of arts began in the middle of the nineties, like a way to approach Costa Ricans with scenic arts, especially the theater.
The festival will be on the station of the railroad from the Pacific, that this year fulfills its anniversary number 100. But this festival is not just about the theater; also the “ticos" will enjoy shows of dance, folklore, concerts with national artists, painters and sculptors. In addiction, one of the sets will have a sample of cinema.
The Festival would not de complete without the presence of international artists of great reputation. In this way, year after year, our festival it’s becoming a great spectacle worthy to appreciate.

The National Theatre

The National Theatre was built in the year 1890. In the construction of this theater they intervened Costa Rican, Belgian and Italian. Being a legitimate Costa Rican pride, has been complemented with the “Plaza de la Cultura", the one that counts on art exposition galleries and cultural conferences with extensive and modern design which contrasts especially in its modernist style with the classic of the National Theatre.
This theater has seen to pass for its setting to the majority of the large theatrical companies of the world. Truly is an architectural feat and is a commemorative one that the love by the culture is alive and in good condition in Costa Rica.

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