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Santiago de Querétaro basics

Welcome to Santiago de Querétaro

Santiago de Querétaro weather

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Santiago de Querétaro - airports of interest


Basic info: Santiago de Querétaro/Mexico

The city Santiago de Querétaro is located in Mexico (Central America) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 20° 35' and West 100° 23'.

Santiago de Querétaro is a province capital (Querétaro de Arteaga)

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Province, region

Querétaro de Arteaga

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Welcome to Santiago de Querétaro

Santiago de Querétaro City, located in the heart of Mexico only 220 km (138 mi) north of México City is a treasure chest awaiting to be discovered.
Quéretaro's downtown has been officially declared Cultural Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO, and it offers its visitors a tradition of almost 500 years of history. Its aqueduct, temples, churches and grand colonial houses and palaces make this city one of the most beautiful places in México and one of the best kept touristy secrets.

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Saturday, 31 January 06:00h until 12:00h 

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Pressure: 1015,7 hPa

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Saturday, 31 January 12:00h until 18:00h 

Temperature: 21° C

Wind: northeast with 6 km/h (1,9 mph)

Pressure: 1015,8 hPa

precipitation: 2,6 mm

Saturday, 31 January 18:00h until 24:00h 

Temperature: 22° C

Wind: east with 4 km/h (1,2 mph)

Pressure: 1011,5 hPa

precipitation: 5,3 mm

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Links related to Santiago de Querétaro


Government of the Querétaro State - Imformation Site

queretaro. gob. mx

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Santiago de Querétaro - airports of interest

Airport Licenciado Benito Juarez International

Mexico City


distance: 188 km/117 mls

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Airport Querétaro Intercontinental



distance: 20 km/12 mls

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Airport Captain Rogelio Castillo National



distance: 52 km/32 mls

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Airport General Francisco J. Mujica International



distance: 106 km/66 mls

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Airport Del Bajío International



distance: 122 km/76 mls

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Airport Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International



distance: 164 km/102 mls

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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.


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Safe and clean

Querétaro is also one of the safest and cleanest cities in the country and only a few hours away from other beautiful cities, such as Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, major center for Mexican and international art.

Rich in history

Querétaro is rich in history (some of the most important events of the Mexican Independence movement took place here) and colonial architecture, besides being one of the largest industrial and business centers of modern México.

Wide variety of options to have fun

Parallel to this environment, Querétaro offers a wide variety of options to have fun such as: restaurants, bars, discos, shows, concerts and a great lively ambience throughout the “andadores" (pedestrian streets) of the historical downtown.

The state of Querétaro - different landscapes

This city is also the capital of the state of Querétaro, which includes numerous other attractions for visitors, from archaeological sites to spa resorts.
In the north of the state is the Sierra Gorda; one of the largest regions of unspoiled nature in the central part of México. A vast territory that offers five beautiful missions founded in the 18th century; a sharp contrast between the warm almost tropical landscape of the northern parts of Jálpan, which belongs to the Huasteca region, and the pine-covered hills of Pinal de Amoles, a municipality located high in the mountains, where you can sometimes find snow during the winter.

Die ”Cantina de los Remedios”

Die "Cantina de los Remedios" ist ein beliebter Treffpunkt von Sprachschülern. Das Lokal ist typisch mexikanisch eingerichtet und mit mexikanischer Musik, wie Mariachis, Trío und Banda. Geboten wird schmackhafte Küche und Bocadillos, es ist dort immer was los und daher ist die Cantina ein idealer Ort, um Leute kennen zu lernen.
Die Cantina liegt in einer der Hauptstraßen Querétaros, in unmittelbarer Nähe einiger Discos und Bars, und ist daher auch ein beliebter Sammelpunkt für all diejenigen, die nachher in eine der Discotheken weiterziehen möchten ...

Many possibilities

Querétaro is situated conveniently near other fascinating cities and areas of interest, such as the pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico City, the historic and artistic San Miguel de Allende, the old mining city of Guanajuato, the mystic monolith of Bernal (recently starring in Close Encounters of the Third Time), the naturally beautiful Sierra Gorda mountains. You can also find great Ecotourism with mountain biking, river rapids, four-wheel vehicles, etc. as well as beautiful archeological ruins.

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