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Playa Cahuita basics

Welcome to Playa Cahuita

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Playa Cahuita - airports of interest


Basic info: Playa Cahuita/Costa Rica

The city Playa Cahuita is located in Costa Rica (Central America) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 09° 44' and West 82° 50'.

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Welcome to Playa Cahuita

Cahuita is a generally peaceful place, home to some five thousand people, situated on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica about 60 kilometres from the Panamanian border.
It’s a fascinating little town which maintains its Caribbean identity despite the influences of tourism and the foreign residents that have established themselves here.

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Playa Cahuita - airports of interest

Airport Limon International

Puerto Limon


distance: 31 km/19 mls

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Airport Cap Manuel Niño International



distance: 47 km/29 mls

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Airport Bocas Del Toro International

Isla Colón/Panama


distance: 78 km/48 mls

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Airport Palmar Sur

Palmar Sur


distance: 111 km/69 mls

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Airport Aerotortuguero



distance: 118 km/73 mls

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Airport Golfito



distance: 126 km/78 mls

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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.


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The population of Cahuita

The population is mainly Afro-Caribbean and Spanish-speaking, though there are also plenty of people who know English due to their Jamaican origins (most came to work on railway construction and banana plantations towards the end of the eighteenth century).
There are also indigenous people, though this sector of the Costa Rican population is more visible in mountains of Talamanca, a short distance from the coast. Some white and mestizo (mixed) Costa Ricans also live here, as well as a few people of Chinese descent and the foreigners (mainly Europeans and North Americans) already mentioned.

The National Park

However intriguing Cahuita’s cultural mix, by far the greatest attraction for the average tourist is its National Park, founded in 1970. This is a reserve of modest size but it contains abundant and varied wildlife.
The park contains a coral reef as well as tropical rainforest and beaches, so it offers all kinds of opportunities to spot animals, birds and marine life.
Many people enter the park simple to enjoy its beautiful white beach – at the entrance you’ll be asked only to make a voluntary contribution to the project.

Restaurants and Bars ...

Besides its natural beauty and the delights of its beaches, Cahuita has some fine restaurants like La Fe, or Típico de Cahuita, where you can savour the exquisite tastes of the Caribbean. Fish in coconut sauce is a speciality that’s particularly popular with visitors, but there’s also the traditional rice and beans, a variety of shellfish, lobster and crab etc.
There are also restaurants with a more international menu, like Cha Cha Cha, where world cuisine and local ingredients are blended.
And after your meal you can dance in one of the local bars (Coco’s, Ricky’s, or the Reggae Bar on Playa Negra) whether to recorded or live music.

Special and unique tropical experience

Cahuita is a small and beautiful coastal town located in the Costa Rican South Caribbean.
The town surrounded by exuberant nature and an environment multiethnic and with great cultural diversity, where the sun, the beaches and the tropical forests give you a special and unique experience.

Diversion and festivals

Cahuita has a big variety of tourist infrastructure to receive the tourists, that together to the sympathy of their settlers will cause you feel as at home.
Besides, if the visitor likes the diversion and the festival, good news; in Cahuita, or in its neighbor Puerto Viejo, there are: bars, discos and centers of recreation that will permit you to know a little the flavor and the rhythm that the Latin Americans carry in our blood.


Cahuita, has three beautiful beaches: Black, White and Port Vargas (these two last inside the National Park Cahuita) to which can be agreed with alone to walk for a few minutes.
Other activities related: riding for the beach, practice the snorkelling, guided walks etc.

What more offers Cahuita?

Cahuita has not only beautiful reef beaches for swimming, snorkel & diving, but also wild forests with lot of animals and birds for walking, treking, riding and biking. The afro-caribbean traditions offers you music like calipso, reggae and carnival: Its good dishes like rice & beans with coconut, patee empanada, rondón (fish & coconut soup), pan bon bread are offered by bars & reastaurants like Cocos Bar, Relax, Edith's Place, Cha Cha Cha, Sobre Las Olas, Chavo, etc.
Hotels and B&B like Cabinas Nirvana, Cabinas Iguana, Cabinas Margarita, Atlantida Lodge, El Encanto, Magellan Inn, La Diosa, give you a lot of budget possibilities as well as quality and security.

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