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México City basics

Welcome to México City

México City weather

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México City - airports of interest


Basic info: México City/Mexico

The city México City is located in Mexico (Central America) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 19° 26' and West 99° 08'.

México City is the capital of Mexico.

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Province, region

México Distrito Federal

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Welcome to México City

Mexico City is a modern, cosmopolitan city situated in an old lake basin that is surrounded by volcanic mountains.
The different cultures that inhabited the city during the course of the centuries left an interesting architectural legacy that comprises many different styles.
The city has a touch of modernism with its huge skyscrapers, like the Torre Mayor and Torre Latinoamericana.

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Weather and forecast for México City /Mexico

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Upcoming hours:

Friday, 27 February 12:00h until 18:00h 

Temperature: 22° C

Wind: southeast with 9 km/h (2,6 mph)

Pressure: 1013,2 hPa

Weather forecast:

Friday, 27 February 18:00h until 24:00h 

Temperature: 20° C

Wind: southwest with 14 km/h (4,1 mph)

Pressure: 1009,6 hPa

Saturday, 28 February 00:00h until 06:00h 

Temperature: 11° C

Wind: west with 4 km/h (1,2 mph)

Pressure: 1017,2 hPa

Saturday, 28 February 06:00h until 12:00h 

Temperature: 8° C

Wind: west with 1 km/h (0,4 mph)

Pressure: 1018,2 hPa

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sunrise at 06:57h and sunset at 18:41h

The moon

Current moon phase: waxing gibbous moon

21 days until next new moon

6 days until next full moon

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Links related to México City

Logo Gobierno del Distrito FederalGobierno del Distrito Federal

City hall Mexico City

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df. gob. mx


Scretary of Tourism of Mexico City: Travel tips, where to stay, museums and galleries, festivals and events.

mexicocity. gob. mx

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México City - airports of interest

Airport Licenciado Benito Juarez International

Mexico City


distance: 7 km/4,3 mls

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Airport Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International



distance: 46 km/29 mls

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Airport General Mariano Matamoros


distance: 67 km/42 mls

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Airport Hermanos Serdán International



distance: 86 km/53 mls

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Airport Querétaro Intercontinental



distance: 171 km/106 mls

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Airport General Francisco J. Mujica International



distance: 202 km/126 mls

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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.


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Mexico City is not only the biggest city in the world, Mexico City was the base of the Aztec civilization centuries ago. If you are interested in having activities all day, you will probably go to the right place by visiting Mexico City, imagine all the things you can do in the biggest city in the whole world, and also one of the most beautiful cities: museums, nightlife, culture, entertainment and of course, Spanish!

Exhibitions of art and culture

The city offers exhibitions of art and culture ranging from the pre Hispanic (the National Museum of Anthropology) to the Vice Regal (the Franz Mayer Museum) to the modern (the Museum of Modern Art), as well as Mexican traditions as can be seen in the Frida Kahlo Museum.


Not far from the main city, you can find the pyramids of the sun and the moon in Teotihuacan (45 minutes driving from downtown).
The pyramid at Cuicuilco in the south of the city is a curious circular construction half hidden by the lava the Xitle volcano spewed forth more than three thousand years ago.
All the history of our beautiful city can be experienced at the Museum of Anthropology, near the city center.


The main attractions offered by Mexico City (besides the pyramids), are the Palace of Bellas Artes, a beautiful white marble palace located in the center of the city; the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, which shows three very important facets of Mexican architecture: the pre Hispanic, the colonial and the modern; the Castillo de Chapultepec, an old castle that was home to Austrian dynasties; and the Mexico City cathedral and Villa of Guadalupe, demonstrations of our colonial heritage.


What can we tell… take care because Mexican cuisine is so good, you might increase weight really fast!
This vast city offers a generous sample of eateries ranging from small stalls in markets and in the city’s plazas, to intimate, personal restaurants specializing in dishes of many different origins.
The main dishes to find on the streets are tacos and quesadillas, you will not regret the taste!


Mexico City´s nightlife is one of the best in the world: bars, discos, mariachis! The options of bars and activities are endless in Condesa and Insurgentes districts, besides that, Mexican people is known to be among the kindest in the world. Why not try shopping also, the variety of options is endless in downtown and Mazarik Street. For music and theater lovers, options are endless: Centro Cultural Telmex offers famous Broadway plays, while Auditorio Nacional offers the best concerts in the City.

Bars and discos

Mexico City is one of the best options when it comes to bars and discos.
The variety of options in extended, after all, we are talking about the biggest city in the world!


To begin, we have to mention the zone of Condesa in the city, better known as the zone for foreigners, it is the alternative zone of the city, with romantic and friendly people. The most known bars in Condesa are Cafeina, Cinna Bar, Asia de Cuba and Condesa DF, places where you might spot some celebrity and people from the fashion industry.
Also, Condesa offers a wide variety of restaurants and food flavors, for example, Creperie de la Paix is an option for typical French lunches.

Music and nightlife

If you are interested in music and nightlife, the best options are found in the north and south of the city. In the south you will find Disco Hotel, one of the most famous discos among locals.
In the north you will fin discos for Fashion people, like Cluv and Blank in the zone of Santa Fe, the places to spot the beautiful and fashion people. Finally, if you are interested in a disco for foreigners, we recommend you Hindoo, where you might find people from many places of the world.

Tasting Mexican dishes

If you like good food, Mexico City is, without a doubt, your best option. The variety and quantity of options is just great.
If you are interested in tasting Mexican dishes, we recommend Farolito or Tizoncito, where you can eat tacos and Mexican starters like quesadillas, sopes, beans or soup.
Another option we recommend is La Cantina, a Mexican bar and restaurant which offers the best of Mexican dishes and tequila drinks.
For those who want high Mexican cuisine, we would recommend San Angel Inn.

Starters & International cuisine

As always, if you are interested in eating some starter at any time of the day, you might try the street quesadillas or tacos.
For lovers of international cuisine, we can recommend restaurants as: Winston Churchill for English food; La Mansion for beefs and steaks; Thai Gardens for high Thai cuisine and La Casa de Italia for a typical Italian tratoria.
For Margarita lovers, you will find Villa Maria, with more than 20 different types of Margaritas, in the south of the City.

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