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Info - countries, cities, Spanish language schools: La Habana (Cuba)

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Info - countries, cities, Spanish language schools: La Habana (Cuba)
La Habana (Cuba) - basic information

La Habana

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La Habana - Cuba

La Habana is the capital of Cuba.

The city La Habana is located in Cuba (Caribbean Sea) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 23° 06' 04.3" and West 082° 21' 22.5"

Population: ~ 220.000

An international airport exists.


The capital of Cuba is one of the most beautiful cities of Latin America and a proud representative of the island's rich cultural heritage reflected not only in its architecture and arts but also in the people's lifestyle.

Havana fascinates its visitors with its colorful and unique symbols: old cars and buildings, street artists, music and local products like rum and cigars.

Sound of Salsa, beaches, old cars ...

In tourism it is frequent to hear that a place is 'different' or 'unique'; but these words had never more sense when we talk of Cuba.

This beautiful Caribbean island has not only the virtue of having dreamy beaches but also can move you back in time with its architecture and old cars. The Sound of Salsa and its warm people keep you alive and clearly make you see how life can be so good - no matter the difficulties!



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Spanish language schools in La Habana:



In La Habana there exists4/existed Spanish language schools.

Number of suppeosedly/probably open and working Spanish schools in La Habana: one

Considerable Spanish schools in La Habana: none

Questions, doubts on Spanish language schools inLa Habana? Don't hesitate to contact us.



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Spanish teachers for private lessons La Habana:

Actually there are no Spanish teachers for private lessons in La Habana subscribed.

If you are a Spanish teacher and want to offer your private lessons in La Habana, don't hesitate to contact us.




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Airports and alternative airports to get to La Habana:

Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.



Airport Havana (Cuba)

"José Martí International"


Distance to the centre of La Habana : ~13 km/8 mls

 Flights to Havana (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Havana (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Havana (Cuba)

"Playa Baracoa"


Distance to the centre of La Habana : ~24 km/14 mls

 Flights to Havana (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Havana (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Varadero (Cuba)

"Juan Gualberto Gomez International"


Distance to La Habana : ~94 km/58 mls

 Flights to Varadero (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Varadero (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Key West (United States)

"Key West International"


Distance to La Habana : ~172 km/107 mls

 Flights to Key West (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Key West (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Cienfuegos (Cuba)

"Jaime Gonzalez"


Distance to La Habana : ~225 km/140 mls

 Flights to Cienfuegos (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Cienfuegos (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Cayo Largo del Sur (Cuba)

"Vilo Acuna International"


Distance to La Habana : ~184 km/114 mls

 Flights to Cayo Largo del Sur (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Cayo Largo del Sur (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Nueva Gerona (Cuba)

"Rafael Cabrera"


Distance to La Habana : ~147 km/91 mls

 Flights to Nueva Gerona (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Nueva Gerona (Skyscanner)

 see map





Tv & radio in La Habana


Radio EnciclopediaRadio Enciclopedia (Radio)


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Radio RebeldeRadio Rebelde (Radio)


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Radio RelojRadio Reloj (Radio)


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Radio TainoRadio Taino (Radio)


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Radio Habana CubaRadio Habana Cuba (Radio)


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Radio ProgresoRadio Progreso (Radio)


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La Habana
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Nueva Gerona (147 km)
La Habana - Cuba
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