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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.
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Huelva basics

Welcome to Huelva

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Huelva - airports of interest

Basic info: Huelva/Spain

The city Huelva is located in Spain (Europe) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 37° 15' and West 06° 57'.

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Learn Spanish in Huelva:

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the Spanish language school of Huelva

Welcome to Huelva

Huelva is the western part of Andalusia: between Seville (just one hour), capital of the region, and Portugal (the Algarve Portuguese).
Huelva has 150Km. of long white beaches. Huelva has the most important nature reserve of Europe; Doñana National Park.
ou can enjoy both mountains and beaches in Huelva.

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Weather and forecast for Huelva /Spain

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Upcoming hours:

Tuesday, 22 July 20:00h until 23:00h 

Temperature: 29° C

Wind: southwest with 18 km/h (5,2 mph)

Pressure: 1012,1 hPa

Weather forecast:

Tuesday, 22 July 23:00h until Wednesday, 23 July 05:00h 

Temperature: 26° C

Wind: southwest with 12 km/h (3,6 mph)

Pressure: 1013,0 hPa

Wednesday, 23 July 05:00h until 11:00h 

Temperature: 23° C

Wind: northwest with 10 km/h (2,9 mph)

Pressure: 1011,4 hPa

Wednesday, 23 July 11:00h until 17:00h 

Temperature: 28° C

Wind: northwest with 6 km/h (1,9 mph)

Pressure: 1011,8 hPa

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sunrise at 07:24h and sunset at 21:43h

The moon

Current moon phase: waning crescent moon

5 days until next new moon

19 days until next full moon

Weather forecast from, delivered by Norwegian Meteorological Institute, NRK and SpanishCourses-DATA

www. yr. no

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Huelva - airports of interest

Airport Faro



distance: 93 km/58 mls

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Airport Málaga



distance: 227 km/141 mls

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Airport Lisbon Portela



distance: 255 km/158 mls

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Airport Sevilla



distance: 95 km/59 mls

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Airport Jerez

Jerez de la Forntera


distance: 97 km/60 mls

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Airport Badajoz



distance: 181 km/112 mls

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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.


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Beaches & university life

The city itself (150.000 people) although it has all the elements to have fun and leisure activities, it has the advantages of not being a huge city: security, walking-distances, etc.
The beaches are only 15 minutes away from the school by bus or car.
The university life (15.000 students) plays an important role in the life of the city maybe due to the parties they organised.


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