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Info - countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Chipiona (Spain)

Puetro Plata/Dominican Republic: Playa Dorada

Info - countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Chipiona (Spain)
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Chipiona (Spain) - basic information


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Chipiona - Spain

The city Chipiona is located in Spain (Europe) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 36° 43' 00.0" and West 006° 25' 00.0"

Population: ~ 18.000

Climate, weather: 14ºC - 20ºC (61ºF - 69ºF) from October to March spring-like, with occasional showers in the winter, 24ºC - 26ºC (75ºF - 85ºF) from April to September comfortable and dry in the summer noted by occasional sea breezes.


Chipiona is a hidden coastal village tucked away in an unspoilt corner of Southern Spain near to the old city of Cádiz.

Although Chipiona is not a city it has an unusually vibrant and artistic atmosphere and the area has many bars and discos.

These places have a lot of character and a unique Andalusian style. It is also very close to the neighbouring cities of Cádiz, Jerez and Sevilla.

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Spanish language schools in Chipiona:



In Chipiona there exists1/existed Spanish language school.

Number of suppeosedly/probably open and working Spanish schools in Chipiona: one

Considerable Spanish schools in Chipiona: none

Questions, doubts on Spanish language schools inChipiona? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Spanish teachers for private lessons Chipiona:

Actually there are no Spanish teachers for private lessons in Chipiona subscribed.

If you are a Spanish teacher and want to offer your private lessons in Chipiona, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Airports and alternative airports to get to Chipiona:

Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.



Airport Jerez de la Forntera (Spain)



Distance to the centre of Chipiona : ~31 km

 Flights to Jerez de la Forntera (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Jerez de la Forntera (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Sevilla (Spain)



Distance to Chipiona : ~90 km

 Flights to Sevilla (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Sevilla (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Málaga (Spain)



Distance to Chipiona : ~171 km

 Flights to Málaga (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Málaga (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Faro (Portugal)



Distance to Chipiona : ~141 km

 Flights to Faro (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Faro (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Gibraltar (Gibraltar)



Distance to Chipiona : ~114 km

 Flights to Gibraltar (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Gibraltar (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Badajoz (Spain)



Distance to Chipiona : ~244 km

 Flights to Badajoz (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Badajoz (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Granada (Spain)

"Federico Garcia Lorca"


Distance to Chipiona : ~240 km

 Flights to Granada (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Granada (Skyscanner)

 see map




Intresting websites related to Chipiona

www.chipiona.es www.chipiona.es

Cityhall Chipiona: Carnaval de Chipiona, Velada de Regla, Romería del Pinar beaches Chipiona (site in Spanish only)



www.chipiona.net www.chipiona.net

Forums, photo galleries, chats and service announcements




Recently uploaded photos


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Basics Chipiona
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Weather & forecast
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Airports & flights for Chipiona
Jerez de la Forntera (31 km)
Sevilla (90 km)
Málaga (171 km)
Faro (141 km)
Gibraltar (114 km)
Badajoz (244 km)
Granada (240 km)
Chipiona - Spain
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