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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.
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Welcome to Boquete

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Boquete - airports of interest


Basic info: Boquete/Panama

The city Boquete is located in Panama (Central America) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 08° 46' and West 82° 25'.

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Climate, weather:

Temperatures range between 60° and 80° (Fahrenheit) all year round. There is no need for heating or air conditioning.

Welcome to Boquete

Boquete is a beautiful, small town of about 20,000 people in the western highlands of Panama in the province of Chiriqui.
It is nestled between mountains on three sides and has a beautiful river running through the center of town. The climate is considered nearly perfect, and this is why it's called the valley of eternal spring.

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Weather and forecast for Boquete /Panama

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Upcoming hours:

Wednesday, 4 March 10:00h until 13:00h 

Temperature: 22° C

Wind: northeast with 11 km/h (3,1 mph)

Pressure: 1015,0 hPa

Weather forecast:

Wednesday, 4 March 13:00h until 19:00h 

Temperature: 24° C

Wind: northeast with 10 km/h (2,9 mph)

Pressure: 1013,2 hPa

Wednesday, 4 March 19:00h until Thursday, 5 March 01:00h 

Temperature: 19° C

Wind: north with 7 km/h (2 mph)

Pressure: 1011,4 hPa

Thursday, 5 March 01:00h until 07:00h 

Temperature: 16° C

Wind: north with 6 km/h (1,9 mph)

Pressure: 1013,4 hPa

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sunrise at 06:42h and sunset at 18:40h

The moon

Current moon phase: waxing gibbous moon

16 days until next new moon

1 day until next full moon

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Cabins - The Momentum complex includes five spacious cabins set amidst rich greenery, with fully-equipped kitchens, including frost-free refrigerators and gas stoves

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Come and see why everyone is talking about retirement in beautiful Boquete, Panama. We have information on Panama retirement, real estate listings, and links for learning Spanish. Visit us today

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Adventure tours from Boquete Mountain Safari: Experience Panama with all its splendor and mystique.

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Boquete - airports of interest

Airport Enrique Malek International



distance: 42 km/26 mls

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Airport Coto 47

Corredores/Costa Rica


distance: 61 km/38 mls

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Airport Bocas Del Toro International

Isla Colón


distance: 66 km/41 mls

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Airport Cap Manuel Niño International



distance: 77 km/48 mls

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Airport Golfito

Golfito/Costa Rica


distance: 83 km/52 mls

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Airport Puerto Jimenez

Puerto Jimenez/Costa Rica


distance: 98 km/61 mls

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Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.


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Boquete is a paradise where people want to be at.

There are those that want to spend the rest of their life in Boquete and have come here to retire, and those who still don't want to settle down, but do want to enjoy all the beauty and excitement that the province of Chiriqui has to offer, especially through eco tourism, and at the same time have the opportunity to learn to speak Spanish

There are only two basic seasons

There are two basic seasons: the dry season (November - April) and the rainy season (May - October).
Even in the rainy season, the days start out sunny, with rains starting around noon or so.
Being only 9 degrees north of the equator, the length our days doesn't vary much, with the sun rising and setting about the same time year round: 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Mountains ...

The elevation of Boquete is 3,200 feet.
You can explore the mountains around the town that can climb to nearly 11,000 feet.
This highest point in Panama is the rim of the extinct Volcano Baru, one of the only places in the world that both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans can be seen.

Boquete's neighbors

Boquete's neighbors to the north with the communities of Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui Grande, located in the Bocas del Toro province. Its neighbor to the east is the district of Gualaca, to the south are Dolega and David (the second most important city in Panama), and to the west is Bugaba.
This fresh and fertile valley is made up of the communities of Bajo Boquete, Caldera, Jaramillo, Volcancito and Palmira.

Boquete is famous for several reasons

Boquete is famous for several reasons: its beauty is breathtaking; the coffee grown here is one of the best in the world (last three years, best in the world); it has incredible gardens and its proximity to sightseeing and recreational activities is second to none.

Nature ...

From Boquete you can wander the trails and view dozens of brilliantly coloured birds (including the famous Quetzal) in the lush tropical setting.
For the adventurer you can hike in seek of waterfalls, monkeys and other animals.

Where to eat

In Boquete you can have very economical meals of delicious panamanian food at Nevilles Café and El Sabroson.
If for a change you would like something international and hang out at a place where you can meet travelers from everywhere, Java Juice and Ana Sweets serve very delicious burgers and make very good juices and shakes (the Chiriqui highlands are well known because of its oranges, strawberries and other fruits).
It could sound a little bit strange, because Boquete is in the mountains, but Boquete has spectacular sea food.
Two of the best restaurants are Peruvian: Machu Picchu & Delicas del Peru. For international food you can go to the Bistro on the main street.

Boquete Night Life

Amigos Bar & Restaurant is a nice place to start out the weekend. With its bamboo colorish decoration mixed with Kuna handicrafts (which are one of the most detailed and elaborate Indian art in America), it provides a really relaxed environment. It’s a spot where the young and older gather around every Thursday for Poker Nights.
Zanzibar is the place most worth going to. They serve outstanding cocktails, play bossa nova, acid jazz and any type of chill out music. During weekends its environment attracts everybody wishing to have a good time.
When you come to Boquete don’t forget about asking if the Red Bull truck is going to be in town.
The most incredible Electronic Parties take place 4 or 5 times each year. They’re set up in forests with a full moon, close to a river or waterfall, generally with a nice view from the mountains ... and people go wild until the sun comes out ... it’s one incredible party.


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To visit coffee plantation and processing mills

Kotowa Coffee and Café Ruiz gives you the unique opportunity to visit their coffee plantation and processing mills in Boquete. But warning! This tour can turn you into a Coffee SNOB because you’ll learn everything about the process, from when the coffee plant is planted and starts growing, going through the harvest, and ending with a cupping where you will learn how to taste the different flavors that specialty coffee has. Boquete has produced the best coffee in the world for three years in a row: 1 lb. of roasted coffee can cost almost $100, so prepare to flavor an explosion in you mouth.


Chiriqui River Rafting and Panama Rafters offer trips to different rivers, going from calm class II to wild class V.
Most of the rivers are born in the higlands of Volcan and Boquete, and offer breathtaking scenarios and a lot of adrenaline because of the constant rapids.
You can choose from a lot of rivers: Chiriqui Viejo, Gariche, Esti, Majagua, Río Grande ...

Hot springs of Caldera

If you want to relax, on the path to Boquete lies a place known for its famous hot springs.
Caldera, meaning boiling pot, is just next to the Chiriqui river, which serves as a refreshing cool-off after bathing in the hot springs.
The soothing waters of its thermal pools are surrounded by stone walls strategically located next to the river, for plunges that are refreshingly cold.

Zip line canopy with Boquete Tree Trek

Another great excursion is the zip line canopy with Boquete Tree Trek in which you can glide through the canopy of century-old cloud forests, high above the pristine rivers and waterfalls that make up the incredible collection of natural landscapes bordering the National Park La Amistad and the famous Baru Volcano.
This zip line canopy tour has 3 kilometers in total length and is divided into 11 different zip line cables.
A harness, an ultra resistant steel cable and gravity are the only elements necessary to stipend and propel the 'fearless rider' in this incredible 'adrenaline rush'.

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