Sosúa/Dominican Republic: Spanish students
Info - countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Alajuela (Costa Rica)

Sosúa/Dominican Republic: Spanish students
Info - countries, cities, Spanish language schools: Alajuela (Costa Rica)
Alajuela (Costa Rica) - basic information


Alajuela - Costa Rica

The city Alajuela is located in Costa Rica (Central America) and is ubicated on the geografic position of North 10° 01' 00.0" and West 084° 13' 00.0"

Population: ~ 100.000

Climate, weather: Moderate, teperatures between 23 and 26º C


Alajuela is the capital of the province with the same name, which is he second important of the country.

The Juan Santamaría-Airport (the main airport of the capital San José) is only 3 km away from Alajuela.

Juan Santamaría, the national hero of Costa Rica, who fought successfully against the American army commanded by William Walker, was born in Alajuela in the year 1831, therefore the city doesn't miss the absence neither of a Juan Santamaría-museum nor a Juan Santamaría-statue on the main square.

Things to see ...

When you stay in Alajuela, don´t miss to visit the area of the mighty volcanoes Poás (2.704 meters/8.871 feet) and Arenal (1.633 meters/5358 feet), the waterfalls of the Celeste River, the sculptures, and figures (elephants, monkeys riding bicycles, helicopters, more things and animals) that have been shaped out of cypress trees in the Zarcero Park, the Venado Caves and the east side of the Lake Arenal.



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Spanish language schools in Alajuela:



In Alajuela there exists2/existed Spanish language schools.

Number of suppeosedly/probably open and working Spanish schools in Alajuela: two

Considerable Spanish schools in Alajuela: none

Questions, doubts on Spanish language schools inAlajuela? Don't hesitate to contact us.



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Spanish teachers for private lessons Alajuela:

Actually there are no Spanish teachers for private lessons in Alajuela subscribed.

If you are a Spanish teacher and want to offer your private lessons in Alajuela, don't hesitate to contact us.




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Airports and alternative airports to get to Alajuela:

Note: all distances are as the crow flies. Especially for shorter distances overland, there might be considerable deviations from the actual distances in kilometers/miles on the road.



Airport Roxana (Costa Rica)



Distance to Alajuela : ~98 km/61 mls

 Flights to Roxana (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Roxana (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Pococi (Costa Rica)

"Barra del Colorado"


Distance to Alajuela : ~108 km/67 mls

 Flights to Pococi (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Pococi (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport San Jose (Costa Rica)

"Juan Santamaria International"


Distance to the centre of Alajuela : ~2 km/1 mls

 Flights to San Jose (SkyChecker)

 Flights to San Jose (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport San Jose (Costa Rica)

"Tobias Bolanos International"


Distance to the centre of Alajuela : ~10 km/6 mls

 Flights to San Jose (SkyChecker)

 Flights to San Jose (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Quepos (Costa Rica)

"Quepos Managua"


Distance to Alajuela : ~64 km/40 mls

 Flights to Quepos (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Quepos (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Bluefileds (Nicaragua)



Distance to Alajuela : ~224 km/139 mls

 Flights to Bluefileds (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Bluefileds (Skyscanner)

 see map



Airport Isla Colón (Panama)

"Bocas Del Toro International"


Distance to Alajuela : ~228 km/141 mls

 Flights to Isla Colón (SkyChecker)

 Flights to Isla Colón (Skyscanner)

 see map




Intresting websites related to Alajuela

Small siite with information on bars, tours, restaurants, hotels and some general information about Alajuela.




Spanish Language Schools recently online






Amauta BsAs

Buenos Aires/Argentina



Amauta Cusco




IIC Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic






Basics Alajuela
Weather & forecast
Geographical information & map
Spanish schools in Alajuela
Spanish schools (2)
Airports & flights for Alajuela
Roxana (98 km)
Pococi (108 km)
San Jose (2 km)
San Jose (10 km)
Quepos (64 km)
Bluefileds (224 km)
Isla Colón (228 km)
Alajuela - Costa Rica
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